Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcoming Oakley to Trek StL

The Trek Bicycle Store of Saint Louis would like to welcome the Oakley line of products to our family. Come on in and check out the current stock of performance sunglasses or come in and order a special pair for yourself.

Oakley is created for world class athletes. This alone should speak for their quality. Innovation after innovation has made Oakley one of the most recognizable names in the sunglass game. From the first generation of Oakley the company had their finger on the perfect idea: "innovative, market-leading optical technology."

Many cyclists chose Oakley. From employees at The Trek Bicycle Store of Saint Louis all the way to the Pro Peloton.

Lance Armstrong - Seven times Tour de France winner, all in Oakley

George Hincapie - The only guy there for all of them, in Oakley.

Christophe Moreau - This year's french national champion, also wearing Oakley.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Etape du Tour

The Trek Bicycle Store of Saint Louis is giving you a great opporunity: Ride a stage of the 2008 Tour de France. Highgear Travel is allowing us this great chance to ride like a pro. Check out the webpage to gain more information.

This trip will include:
  1. Guaranteed Etape Entry
  2. Four nights at a 3* Hotel (with air-conditioned rooms) in a beautiful Pyrenean village – legendary riding, right out your front door
  3. We’ve chosen not to be in Pau this year due to the lack of riding opportunities – that’s why we’re in France!
  4. Legendary climbs right out your front door and a downill ride home from the finish on Etape day
  5. Breakfast and Dinner daily
  6. On-site mechanic, on-site French-speaking staff
  7. Transfer to start morning of the race
  8. Etape du Tour training & preparation guide prepared by qualified coach
  9. Pre-race logistics package, detailed route descriptions, local ride guides, etc.

This is the largest amateur race worldwide, out of 8800 entrants last year only 150 were american - and you are guaranteed a spot. So come into the store and purchase your trip to france today.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dealing with 40 - Commuting to work

Highway 40 is closed for reconstruction:
What kind of bike should I ride to work?

Many questions, with many answers; and we are going to give answers to commuting questions over the next few weeks in order to get riders ready for the commute to avoid Highway 40 and get on their bikes.

This week we feature bikes that are good solutions to commute. Whether you are looking for an entry level way to get to work, or another bike to avoid riding your carbon road bike into the ground - there is something for everyone.

To start, we have geared commuter bikes. The horses of the modern road. Ease up the hills, and fly on the flats. Whatever your route is like, these bikes will get you to work on time.

Trek 520. Steel frame, bar end shifters, and high spoke count wheels make this bike a heavy duty commuter bike.

Trek Soho - Rubberized sides of top tube, makes leaning this bike against a pole easy on the paint, and disc brakes are an absolute must for rainy and muddy conditions.

If you are looking for something a little less heavy duty, check out a fixed gear bike. These are the classic bike messenger bikes, easy to weave in and out of traffic with and very manageable in rough and slippery conditions.

Trek T1 - Trek's Version of the super light Track Bike

Lemond Fillmore - The Steel frame and simple components make it very light and manageable.

Trek Soho S - Single Speed flat bar with a flip flop hub if you like the fixed gear idea.

Gary Fisher Triton - Steel Frame, bullhorn bars and high spoke count will make this a very nice commute.