Monday, July 31, 2006

The Ditty Bops were here!

A band called The Ditty Bops were in St. Louis over the weekend. They are riding their bikes on tour while their band drives a bio-fuel bus with their equipment.

As part of their Missouri tour they rode from Kansas City to Columbia, then to St. Louis. Check out their daily log in the link above. You can see some of my friends from St. Louis in the picture of people on the front steps of a house.

So, next time you think it's too hot outside to ride your bike, think of the Ditty Bops.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New & Improved Shop Rides!

Mark your calendars for every Sunday morning at 8am. The women's ride has been grouped together with the new shop rides. We will still leave from Kaldi's in Kirkwood, but the launching time is no longer 9am. 8am will be cooler and give us more time for more miles.

The ride is recreational and no drop. If people want to splinter off, go for it. If the women want to group together and do their own ride, sweet. But no person will get dumped. Just think of it as a new "no rider left behind" legislative bill.

8am, Sundays, Kaldi's in Kirkwood. Be there or be lazy.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Parkway Central High School Age Group Triathlon

Attention all parents! Kevin Mabie with the Parkway Central School District is putting on the 1st Annual Parkway Central High School Age Group Triathlon with the Trek Bicycle Store of St. Louis as his sponsor! Here is the rundown:

When: Sunday, August 27, 2006 (See Times Below)

Where: Parkway Central High School
369 N. Woods Mill Road / Chesterfield, MO / 63017

Who: Entries will be accepted for the following age groups:
6 & Under (Competition begins at 7 am)
7-8 (Competition begins at 8 am)
9-10 (Competition begins at 9 am)
11-12 (Competition begins at 10 am)
13-14 (Competition begins at 11 am)
15 & Over (Competition begins at Noon)

Course: The course is a sprint course designed for inexperienced or young triathletes.

200 Yard Swim 2.5 Mile Bike 1 Mile Run

Awards: *All finishers will be awarded a ribbon
*The top 3 finishers in each group will be awarded a trophy
Awards ceremony will begin following final age-group participant

Participants: Participants will receive a commemorative T-Shirt & post-race refreshments

Cost: $35 per athlete (All proceeds will benefit the Parkway Central Swim Team)

Note: On the day of the event, please park in the lot at Central Middle School, directly north of Central High School on Woods Mill Road. Bikes can then be walked to the racks just outside of Central High’s pool.

Questions: Email Parkway Central Swimming Coach Kevin Mabie at

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trek Kansas City's Women's Night Out!

Big blue has a cousin in Kansas city...

And Kansas City's Women's Night Out party was a huge hit!

Chrissy de Jonge with the Fit For Women Demo Tour gave an extremely informative speech about WSD bicycles and women's fitness, along with agreeing to help set up a women's night at our St. Louis store:

Great job Kansas City! Thanks for the fun and hospitality!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Successful Maintenance Clinics

Congratulations and thank you for the successful maintenance clinics this month! Our Mercoledi Monthly Maintenance clinic on the first Wednesday of the month, along with our women's maintenance clinic this Sunday were helpful for all.

The women's ride will start back up this Sunday, from Kaldi's in Kirkwood, at 9am!

I will be in the Trek Bicycle Store of Kansas City tomorrow night for their big women's night party to get some tips on how to throw an even bigger one here in St. Louis.

And for a guilty pleasure, posted an article on Popovych's new Madone 6.9 SSL: Link

And that hole is NOT for a bottle's to add weight to meet racing regulations

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monster Sale!

We're having a monster sale! If you missed the blue gorilla last weekend, he will be back.

And don't forget, tomorrow night at 6pm - free Mercoledi monthly maintenance night!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mercoledi Monthly Maintenance

This Wednesday night our mechanics are hosting a maintenance clinic for all at 6pm. "Mercoledi" stands for Wednesday in Italian (and begins with an "m") if you were curious. The clinics are free and will cover basic repairs such as fixing flats, cleaning, lubing, etc.

And if you are worried about leaving the kids at home, let them sit by the TV and watch the Tour or some cartoons.